Rotasyn Resolvers


Admotec’s Rotasyn resolvers utilize a unique solid rotor with no windings and measure absolute position and speed of rotating shafts. This unique variable reluctance resolver has half the windings and twice the MTBF of traditional resolvers and can operate up to 100,000 RPM and 220°C. Many sizes and constructions for specific applications are available.

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Magnetic Encoders


Admotec’s magnetic encoders use a magnetoresistive sensor and a bonded magnet wheel or tape to measure angle, distance, and speed of rotating or translating (sliding) elements. These incremental encoders are insensitive to dirt, dust, oil, and other environmental contaminants. Magnetic encoders are available with wheels from 10mm (0.5″) to 250mm (10″) and in lengths of up to 10m (30′).

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